Fetish Liza

Fetish Liza, Mistress relaxing

Fetish Liza is a stunning Belgian fetish model in Spain and a twitter friend. She has lovely long black hair, dark make-up, red lips and deep dark eyes that would turn any man into a bag of nerves with just a glare. She has this dominant air about her which I found rather hypothesizing and I had this urge sit on the cold floor next to those legs and just drooling like a pervert that just found a tube of lube and a free pass to a porn site. Hmm..

Anyway, the first film I watched was a smoking voyeur film, that began with Liza beautifully perched on a wall reading a book, dressed in black wearing boots that you I’m sure the boot lickers out there would trip over themselves to lick clean. The camera represents the voyeur watching Liza from behind a wall and pans up from her toe tips, up her black boots, onto her well toned legs onto her skirt and beyond as she playfully waggles her stiletto heel. Eventually she takes out a cigarette, lights up before returning to her book. There are many close up shots and you do actually see the smoke as she exhaled so beautifully

Fetish Liza in PVC Next I watched watched Fucking the PVC Mistress (part 2) where Liza was on a bed outside on the patio dressed in PVC and those glorious black boots again. The video starts with Liza jacking off a slave’s cock with her boots and of course he is not permitted to come. He has to ensure allot of teasing including his Mistress rubbing his cock with her hands, sucking and licking his penis as well as fucking her hard until Liza is satisfied. The slave is not allowed to come, but he’s merely there for her pleasure of course. When Liza has finished with him, she pushes in away and orders him to come on her boots. Her obediently says “Yes Mistress” and comes to order. watching this clip gave me an erection that slapped into the rather hot underside of the laptop and lightly sizzled there until the film had finished.

Fetish Liza has been open for 3 months and already in that time has built up 3GB of films and 2GB of pictures. At the time of the review this equated to 52 videos and 5100 pictures. Additionally there is a members forum, bonus content and as well as custom content where Liza will make a fetish film just for you and your private collection. The site is updated every 3 day with a new film and a gallery set starring the stunning Liza.

If you like to watch a beautiful lady in Latex and boots using her sensual charms to dominant and control her slaves then you would certainly enjoy Fetish Liza, as I did. I want to thank Liza for this opportunity to review her site. Now I’m off to get some ice for my sore penis.

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