Miss Jessica Wood

Miss Jessica is an accomplished CP practitioner from hand spanking through to using the cane for those that deserve it. I first became aware of Miss Jessica some time ago after seeing a preview clip starring her spanking a man hard with a hair brush making him wriggle on her knee, which is always fun to see! At the time, I wanted to be that guy!

Miss Jessica’s members site contains over 70 movies and 200 pictures. There is a variety of scenarios represented including domestic, school, office and other disciplinary type situations. In addition there is a section on ball busting and Face sitting too. From a personal point of view I always enjoy to see CP role-play, though the ball busting can be rather cracking too, if you pardon the pun. Miss Jessica kicks balls with such ease making men drop to to their knees, literally

There are several clips featuring scenes of domestic discipline where her boy is verbally chastised and punished for not doing the house work. Miss Jessica is quite relentless, breaking him with her verbal chastisement for his particular bad behaviour.

An earlier clip starring a blonde Miss Jessica dressed in dominatrix gear dishing out 96 strokes of the cane. Its apart of a devious game where the naughty boy receives strokes in sets of 12 alternative soft and much harder ones. Between each set the slave either has to count to 30 or stand on tip toes for 1 minute. Failure to comply result is a further 6 hard strokes of the cane. You can see throughout the clip how the slave finds it increasingly more difficult to perform these simple tasks as Miss Jessica’s canes begin to bite into his backside. There are some delicious sounds in the clip as the cane swishes through the air and lands with a snap on the reddening ass. Very nicely done, Miss Jessica.

I did download perhaps a dozen of Miss Jessica’s clips in order to get a sense of her style. Miss Jessica is both kind and caring person, though once you are over her knee or over her desk you will be completely at her mercy and you’ll soon be crying out “Yes Miss Jessica!”.

As an incentive to members, Miss Jessica has a competition for those with an active subscription. There is a possibly of winning a free 30 minute session with her. Now, that alone is worth the membership fee. Can you imagine 30 minutes over her delightful knee being spanked, paddled or even maybe 30 minutes of the Cane. Yum!

I want to thank Miss Jessica for allowing me to review her scrumptious web site and supplying the pictures for this article.