Miss Sarah Jessica

Please introduce yourself

I am a 24 year old Scottish Sadistic Dominatrix called Miss Sarah Jessica. I am based between Central Scotland and Berkshire.

How do you prefer sub/slaves to address you?

Even though I am called Miss Sarah Jessica, that is a little long winded when in session so I prefer Miss SJ in person. I do however prefer to be called Miss Sarah Jessica until I give permission for someone to call me Miss SJ.

Are you a sensual or sadistic Mistress?

That’s a tough question as I would consider myself both. I class myself primarily as a Sadist as this is what I enjoy the most and I find that others are often shocked by how much I thrive on brutality and total sadism. But sensual has it’s moments. Teasing, Chastity, Adult Babies and Sissification need a different approach so I would say I tailor myself to the moment.

Where are you based?

I am based half of the month in Central Scotland working from a Domestic setting though do also session from a Dungeon in Glasgow. The remainder of the month I can be found making boys cry in Berkshire working from a Lifestyle House though can also be seen frequenting Dungeons in London & Reading.

Where do your sessions take place? In a dungeon or domestic environment?

I prefer working from a home environment as I live this as a Lifestyle and as such it feels more natural. In Central Scotland for more full on sessions I would work from a Dungeon in Glasgow, but for the sessions not needing as much hardware I am happiest at home with a cup of tea and a slave on the floor.

When I session in Berkshire however, this is very much in a Lifestyle house which is fully equipped. This house is shared with other Lifestyle Dominants and I can easily Double Domme. I love working from here as it is where I find myself the most comfortable though do visit London and Reading Dungeons when needed.

What activities do you enjoy? And which are your favourites?

My favourite things are based around CP. I can’t explain how much I enjoy this but it is a hobby too. I am severe, I hold no punches and I will push a slave. This is the same for Ball busting. Maybe there is a theme in seeing a man in total agony lol?

Another thing I really thrive on is Chastity training mixed with heavy tease & denial. But, denial for me means that, it means NO CUMMING. Mix this with Blackmail and setting of humiliating tasks and I am a happy Lady.

What was your first experience of dominating a male?

In a kink setting this was a few years ago, but I suppose I have been doing it all my life to get what I want from guys. It always felt natural flirting, seducing and leaving guys hanging.

My first experience as a Mistress came a few years ago with an ex. He wanted to get back with me and I said I would give him a chance if he met me for a drink and as he told me he would try 200% to win me back I told him to spend £200 to prove that to me. We met at a busy bar and he asked to go to the toilet when he got there as he had been shopping all day for my gifts which he had brought along. I asked him if that was more important than speaking to me and he sat down. I loved knowing he was desperate to go to the toilet and watching him struggle to hold it in. After we had finished talking he walked me to my car and he asked if he could come home with me. I quickly replied with a laugh and told him no. I told him he would never get back with me because he was pathetic and quite simply a total twat. The look on his face as I drove off is something I have never forgotten. I had made him spend money on me for nothing. I liked the power I had and loved the hurt and humiliation I had caused him. Miss SJ was growing inside me, and I liked her.

Do you have a favourite implement to punish a naughty bottom with?

Quite simply, a cane. My cane, my smoked dragon custom made cane with custom handle. Though floggers are becoming something I love using.

Do you work with other Dommes in double/triple domination scenes?

One of my greatest pleasures is working with another Domme, usually Lady Sophia Black or Governess Ely. We can session together in Berkshire or in a Dungeon in London or Reading. Though, in Scotland I am offering Double Domme sessions with Megara Furie and soon will be heading on a Tour to Aberdeen with Lady Sophia Black, Megara Furie, Mistress Lillith and Miss Sultry Belle. Bookings are available now and filling up fast

Do you cater for the softer side and newbies too?

As much as I am a Sadist, I find myself being quite nurturing with newbies. I like seeing their reactions to new things and seeing how I can open their minds to the possibilities of what the Lifestyle offers. This might be in the forms of their first humiliation scene or even recognising the relationship between pleasure and pain. I like talking to people as well as this is a Lifestyle for me and I realise you can learn a lot as a person as well as a Domme from all subs, new and experienced.

What can a client expect from you in his first visit?

A first visit would preferably be in the ‘Domestic home’ setting as this can be less intimidating. I like to sit them down, well I sit and drink tea and they kneel naked at my feet. This is important to me. The CFNM ethos is one I believe strongly in and expect a sub to get naked once the door has closed behind him. It sets the tone for the session and brings a humbling often newbies welcome. I will talk to them calmly, ask them what they are looking for and how I will go about the session. I explain I do use safe words no matter what until I know someone much better and I have them tell me some fantasies to help them relax.

I will finish a session by asking the sub how it went for him, finding out if he felt he could have been pushed more and making sure he is in the right frame of mind before he leaves.

What has been your favourite session so far?

My favourite session was with a sub coming to me and saying he could not take any pain and leaving 2 hours later with multiple cigarette stub marks all over his balls, and balls which had left a trail of blood all over my floor. Of course it was a safe scene as I do practise SSC (Safe Sane and Consensual). I enjoyed it the most as he begged for it. I never pushed for it but he just became someone else and he told me he had seen many Mistresses before and couldn’t take any pain but with me for some reason I opened that tap in his head and he wanted to suffer for me. What more can a Mistress ask for than a sub leaving with battered bloodied balls and he asked for it to please me. Perfect.

What is the most degrading/humiliating session you’ve been involved in?

The most humiliating was with a non-professional sub. We went to London for the day. Well, he drove and bought me everything and I set him tasks. One of them had been for him for a week to collect a condom of his cum each day and bring the condoms with him. I made him pour them over his face in the street (in an alley so people couldn’t see) and then had him go up to a ‘Visit London’ female on the street helping tourists and ask if he had something in his eye. Of course he did, he had 6 condoms of cum dripped all over his face! She laughed her head of and called a friend over and pointed it to her. They both laughed and he was totally mortified. He started crying, literally right there on the street in front of them. I had put a dog training shock collar on his neck and had told him that when I zapped it he had to start dancing and singing ‘Always look on the bright side of life’. Even better was he couldn’t take the collar of as I had leather pet mitts locked on his hands so he just cried, danced, sang and got laughed at. I walked past and threw some coins on the ground and the people gathering laughed even more. He was PATHETIC. Once I was bored he was quickly taken by the arm and led to the car park where he was ordered to strip and put on a pretty colourful flowery dress. He did so while still crying and then he had to drive me home. I kept his clothes and sent him home to his with no wallet, no clothes just in his pretty dress. Aah, thinking back makes me smile.

Do you use safe words or prefer to work without them?

Ultimately I prefer to work without them when with a long term sub. But, to protect myself as much as the client I will insist on using them until I am comfortable to not use them. I will always give one, if they choose not to use it it’s their fault. But if they think they can use it every 5 minutes they are sorely mistaken, because once used that session stops as it shows I am not getting their levels or they are already out of their comfort zone.

Which clubs do you attend?

I go to several events such as Pedestal and Club Black Whip, though in Berkshire we host private events such as Dinner Parties where subs serve the Dominants and CFNM parties, run by Governess Ely.

Are they any special events you’ll be attending?

I am going to be visiting Aberdeen with Lady Sophia Black, Megara Furie, Mistress Lillith and Miss Sultry Belle towards the end of February.

What is your favourite fetish wear outfit?

My favourite outfit of course is Latex. It just feels like a second skin and the smell, feel and look just works for me. Dresses are my favourite though can be hard to Ball bust boys while wearing them so if some piggy wants to buy me latex skirts or leggings I would be ever so grateful.

Do you have a web site?

Yes. My website is MissSarahJessica.com here you can find more about me and a contacts page to email me about a possible session.

What is proper slave protocol for someone about to contact you and/or sessioning with you?

Protocol for me is simple. Be honest, be respectful and call me Miss Sarah Jessica until I give you permission to call me Miss SJ. If coming for a session, be clean, bring me some cigarettes ‘Lambert & Butler King Size Silver packet’ and a gift is always welcome. I will respect you as a slave if you respect me as a Mistress.

How do subs/slaves contact you?

Either email me from Fetlife or through my website, or call me and be clear about what you want and I can decide if I want to session with you. But you must understand, I do expect Tribute for my time. Currently however I am looking for two ‘personal subs’ who will serve as and when I need. One in Scotland and one in Berkshire. They will be the ones I take to events with me and will get to spend time with me and the other Dominas I share my life with. Lucky boys!