Mistress Shane

Please introduce yourself and tell me about your background

I started in New York as a Mistress.  For instance I worked at some well know legendary studios, such as Pandora’s Box, The Nutcracker, Paradise Lost etc. I leaned the ropes from some of the Great Mistresses in the Big Apple.  When I moved to Belgium I worked in a few Studios in Belgium and Holland, and then I started my own studio. For many years I have a Studio in Antwerp, a studio that I designed myself, where safety and hygiene of my clients are paramount. I am what you could call a Classic Mistress, who also likes to put in some humour in my sessions.  Also double sessions with other Mistresses is something I like to do very much.  We all can learn from one another, and a good Mistress will always try to perfect Her skills. In the OWK I was one of the Sublime Ladies, I made some of their videos, I also made some of my own, as well as some with Other Mistresses. In all of these years I learned a lot about the psyche of subs and slaves, what it is that lets them tick, what buttons you have to push, they are all different and it takes the Mistress through a fascinating journey into the human mind.

How long have you been a professional dominatrix?

I been a Professional for over a decade.

How did you get started in a career as a dominatrix?

I felt that I did not have a problem humiliating or punishing who wanted that, and I heard that some Women did this for a living, so I began to browse around, tried it out and realized that this is what I wanted to do. And I still love it.

How do you prefer sub/slaves to address you?

I prefer to be called Mistress or Mistress Shane

Would you describe yourself as a sensual or sadistic mistress?

I put in a lot of humour when working with clients, so sadistic with a twist would be the best description.

What does female supremacy mean to you?

The subs and slaves really submit to me, without restriction, just the feeling to know what I can do what I want feels good, its is not the actual act that is important but the knowledge that you can perform when you want to.

Where are you based?

I am based in Antwerp, Belgium.

Do your sessions take place in a dungeon or domestic environment?

I prefer to call it a studio, a dungeon sounds basement-like and has a connotation of dust and spider webs, and for me hygiene is very important, hence a studio.

What activities do you enjoy? And which are your favourites?

I enjoy most activities, and it is the rapport between  myself and the client that I actually enjoy most.  When I feel and see that a client begins to relax and lets himself go with the flow, the total trust that the client gives me, that is what I enjoy most.  It is a packet of the things you do, the actions you take can be very enjoyable, but always with interaction to the client, the activities with the client must be compatible with each other, when that is in balance that’s what I enjoy most. that could be in either a hard or soft session.

Do you have a favourite implement to punish a naughty bottom with?

A bit the same question as above, I do like to use a cane, it’s a light flexible instrument that gives a good result, and for a Mistress it’s not to heavy to work with.  But not every client can take it so again I will always seek a balance between the implement and what a certain bottom could take.

What was your first experience of dominating a man?

Actually a friend of mine who did method acting, searched for someone to use him as a floor, but it was not easy to find a woman to walk over him in heels in a way that he would really feel like a floor.  I tried it, than afterwards he said that he felt like he was not a human being, but really a piece of the house.

Do you work with other Dommes in double/triple domination scenes?

Yes, when you have a good connection it can really be amusing to work with other Mistresses, for us and the sub.

What can a client expect when attending their first visit?

I will always have a talk with a client, to see what his fantasy’s are, then  see what can be realized in one session.  You can’t see the world in one day.  And with newbies I will always build up very gradually to see how they react, let them taste different aspects of BDSM, and after the session we will talk again so I could get feedback from the client.

Do you use safe words or prefer to work without them?

I always use safe words, it’s not wise not to use them and I always read their body language very closely. Many clients eyes are bigger that their stomachs, they want certain things, but in their fantasy they want to overdue it. It’s my job to protect them from real injuries, otherwise I would not be a real professional.

What has been your favourite session so far?

There is not one favourite session, there are many, and the thing I liked  the most are duo sessions with other Mistresses, because of the interaction you get with each other when doing a session, it’s much more intense also for the client.

What has been the most unusual request you’ve had?

Well I had a client once who wanted to be treated as a car, so I started him up, let him park himself, stopping him before a traffic light all the things you do when driving. And when the session ended, he said to me: ” Mistress Shane, I enjoyed the session, but I think you are a terrible driver”.

What is the most degrading/humiliating session you’ve been involved in?

Once I had two slaves at once, and one of them wanted to be humiliated, so I let him kiss the feet of the other slave, and he was almost crying when doing that, he found it so degrading, for him it was total humiliation.

What separates a good client/slave from a bad one?

A good client doesn’t try to dominate from the bottom.

Do you have a web site? And how do you prefer sub/ slaves to contact you?

Yes, mistressshane.com, but it needs to be replaced, it’s being worked on. I prefer initial contact by phone or email.