Mistress Cara Sutra

Introduce your self and tell me about your background

I am known as Mistress Cara Sutra. I am 32 years old, residing in Lincolnshire UK. I am a Professional Lifestyle Mistress, which to me means that as much as I love dominating men (I don’t accept the more sexual oriented female subs), I also love shoes and like paying my bills with your money.

When did you first realise you were into kink?

When I needed to be tied to the bed to sleep in my early teen years.

How long have you been a professional dominatrix and how did you get started?

Since I was 18. It started in a very ‘plastic’ way, getting ‘clients’ from so-called fetish clubs that were actually just nightclubs with a sex side kept pretty hidden. I did my time dancing and other things that I won’t go into here.A0I had some low times after that, including personal bouts of depression before I realised I was trying to fit into the mold of dominatrix just to please men who wanted a whore with a whip.A0I am not that. I’m a sensitive but strong woman who enjoys having a man at Her beck and call. Like I say, I also love shoes and having My bills paid. Happily I have found it a pleasure to combine the two in these more recent years.

How do you prefer sub/slaves to address you?

Mistress, or Mistress Cara. Never Miss (I am not 12) or Ma’am (I am far more attractive than the Queen, and much younger, thank you very much). Goddess is acceptable, I suppose.

Are you a sensual or sadistic Mistress?

A mix between the two and neither. I am just myself. Sometimes I feel sensual, although I never get sexually attracted to my submissives. I merely use their sex drive against them. In the same way, this can be seen as sadistic. I will only be sadistic in a consensual way though, meaning it is what they want and need at heart. How sadistic is that, really? I am being kind.

Mistress Cara Sutra

Where are you based?

Lincolnshire, UK. Did you not read my first answer properly? ~slaps~

Where do your sessions take place? In a dungeon or domestic environment?

They have taken place in both. I prefer a domestic environment as I like a nice cuppa tea mid-whipping. However they do not take place at My home as I have family there.A0I am seeking new locations for sessions, after a recent relocation to Lincolnshire and additions to the family.

What activities do you enjoy? And which are your favourites?

Shopping, reading, writing, bitching, receiving new shoes and discussing various philosophies and theologies of life.
Also being wined and dined, the theatre, travel and cuddles.
Bitching and cuddles are great, particularly when combined.

What was your first experience of dominating a male?

I guess you mean other than pinning my little brother down and beating him up.
Other than that… I have always known how to get what I want from men, using their pathetic sexual desires against them, to My advantage. My first boyfriend was 10 years older than Me. I was 15.

What can a client expect from you in his first visit?

A welcoming slap then how to carry a hot cup of tea whilst crawling.

What is your speciality?

Other than being a contrary Bitch? Male chastity, tease and denial, corporal discipline, foot fetish/worship, heels worship, maid training.

What has been your favourite session so far?

The ones where I’ve made My minnie cry. They are always hilarious. We were at his house and I whipped him til he almost bled, I broke two crops and then made him change into his satiny pink maid’s outfit and get My uber important cup of tea. There was a lovely afternoon full of foot worship, chastity/tease/denial and plenty of gag-muffled sobs from him! I also enjoyed being fully dressed up in shiny PVC and My gorgeous thigh high boots.

What has been the most unusual request you’ve had?

To send My poo to someone so they can eat it for Me on webcam! Also, a guy who wanted Me to watch as he squirted squeezy cheese on to his penis then got his dog to lick it off. Erm, lovely!

Do you use safe words or prefer to work without them?

I will always provide a safe word, and/or accept the traffic lights system. It is the submissive’s responsibility to use them. However, I will also be aware of My submissive’s predicament and stop My actions if I feel they are in any danger (mental or physical) or if they want Me to do something I am not comfortable with.

What does the BDSM lifestyle mean to you?

It means freedom. Being liberated enough to enjoy such kinks and fetishes that ‘normal’ ‘civilized’ society holds disdain for. I personally feel everyone is on the BDSM spectrum somewhere; just that some don’t know it, and some don’t like it.

What separates a good client/slave from a bad one?

Actual submission, as opposed to wanting to pay (or worse, get for free!) things that just serve their selfish wants. If you really want to serve Me, and can prove it (ie in behavior and attitude as well as merely money or gifts), then I will count you as a good submissive.

What is your favourite fetish wear outfit?

I do enjoy wearing PVC, it’s shiny but comfortable. Latex makes me feel like an overstuffed black pudding and I find it difficult to source the softest quality leather that I would enjoy wearing. I also orgasm at shoes. High heel, shiny shoes and boots. Literally.

Do you have a web site?

Yes, of course! ~tuts~ It is located at http://mistresscarasutra.co.uk

My lovely lady Digital Harlot (http://digitalharlot.co.uk) designed it for Me, and it includes My personal Mistress blog, kinky fantasies, guest posts, a gallery of pictures for your perusal, details of how to contact Me and of course some wishlists showing shinies that I like. And shoes. Always with the shoes.

What is proper slave protocol for someone about to contact you and/or sessioning with you?

Read My website first. Find out whatever you can about Me from the web. Be informed.
Be polite and actually submissive. I want someone that wants to serve Me, not just any pretty lady in shiny clothes wielding a spanking implement. Address Me as Mistress, or Mistress Cara. You prove yourself to Me first – I don’t have to prove anything to you. Remember that.

How do subs/slaves contact you?

There is a contact form at My website, or feel free to email Me at Mistress@CaraSutra.co.uk