The English Mansion

The English mansion is without doubt one of the most complete Femdom pay site that I have been fortunate enough to have a good poke around inside. There is so much content that its hard to know where to start! I’m so spoilt for choice with well over 350 hours of film content available. I could not download all of it and so instead I picked 20 titles that appealed to my perverse mind.

English Mansions members area

Films are organised into themes such as dungeon, cellar, lounge, clinic, dressing room and many others. In addition there is a vast area of galleries and also the Tower which is an area that gives you more information about Mistress Sidonia herself. There is a smaller selection of audio content to enjoy. You can close your eyes and let your mind delve into the most perverse of fantasies whilst in bed!

A fair selection of bonus content is available in the library section, plus a very active forum and a blog to keep you busy. Several dominants ladies take part on the site, including the most excellent Mistress Sidonia, Lady Nina Birch, Miss Jessica, Mistress Nikki, Fetish Liza, Mistress Vixen, Mistress Zena, Miss Eve Harper, Empress Victoria and others.

There are some excellent role players and also for those that like to watch cold punishment theres some whipping titles that you may enjoy. I personally get a little bored with just watching hard whipping and have been even known to nod off to such clips but we won92t talk about those! The good thing about this site there is something for everyone from foot fetishes, masses of role-play, medical scenario’s, humiliation, degradation and all the way to appalling punishments given by a heartless bitch!

The first film I watched was ‘The Interview’ featuring Lady Nina Birch interviewing prospective applications for a new post as personal assistant. The victim/applicant soon discovers the interview process is a little unusual when he is made to go over her knee for a good spanking and finally he gets to endure a good birching as well – Brave lad. He is informed that there is likely to be a second interview as well before though of course tripling of ones salary and being at the beck and call of Lady Nina Birch who can be so very hands on are attractive perks of the job!

The English Mansions interface design is very good and the site designer has organised the material very well in to various sections and navigation that joins everything together really nicely. For example, you can for example look at a gallery and then click on a link to download the associated movie. This is far better than me having to search through endless pages to download a particular film. Another nice feature is that there is a search facility which is really handy and some would say a must have for such a large members area.

The films at The English mansion are available often in several formats, including HD, Mobile and in windows media video. You have a choice of either downloading the complete movie or in smaller portions which may be preferable depending on your Internet supplier, computer hardware and time you have to download. My stay at the English Mansion web site was a very positive one with content that would keep me entertained for many months to come!

I certainly highly recommend The English Mansion and encourage you to visit their web site for more information and explore their fantastic web site.

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