Mistress Whiplash

Recently I had the privilege to peak inside Mistress Whiplash’s members site and its not an experience I’m likely to forget in a hurry after watching her delightfully cruel antics from taking advantage of innocent anal virgins to beating the hell out of men with her many implements of terrorizing pain.

Mistress Whiplashes site is hosted on their own servers in a major data centre in the Docklands in London. I am reliably informed that even Mistress Whiplash herself has been known to visit the data center though I don’t wish to encourage herds of subs hanging around the docklands as that would be a bit odd.

At the time of the review there is over 80 films available for download, each roughly 30 minutes in length in 3 different formats and file sizes. As well as films being available there are galleries that can be viewed or downloaded as a zip.

The quality of film clips are exceptional; the smallest download available are the medium quality clips which are a reasonable 180 megabytes in size. You also have the option of download films in Good or High Quality as well though naturally this will mean a larger download. In terms of the production everything seems very professional and slick, as the films worked perfectly even on my note book computer. I was both impressed by the stunning picture quality and crisp sound since I heard every moan and whimper to screams bellowing down my head phones.

The first two films I decided to watch was 91Ass Virgin92 and ‘New Bottom’ as I’m sure every sub would adore to be bent over on all fours being impaled by Mistress Nikki strap-on. Those of you that haven92t had a hard cock rammed up your backside and taken like a cheap whore then I would heartily recommend watching this film if only purely for educational purposes to research your impending anal doom!

The film begins with a hooded sub laying on a bed and Mistress Nikki walks in wearing a small strap-on cock. His ass is really tight, so Mistress begins the violation with some anal stretching with her fingers. She wants to stretch his tight little arse hole for something rather rougher. Mistress Nikki is quite clearly a hands on type of dominatrix and is soon drilling deep into her virgin subs backside preparing him for the hardest fuck of his life.

In the end of course after much stretching, fingering and a fair amount of cock sucking, its finally time to shove it up his ass and Mistress Nikki does a wonderful job of forcing him to enduring it for our viewing pleasure.

The second film I viewed was called “New Bottom” which featured Mistress Nikki in her dungeon in PVC and boots giving a new slave some punishment trying to discover how high his pain threshold is. Mistress Nikki starts him off with a long rhythmic spanking to warm his bottom up before she brings out some implements including paddles, hairbrush and then a selection of canes resulting in a very sore marked up bottom indeed. All I can say is that Mistress Nikki appears to have a very firm arm that never seems to tire in this relentless 30 minute bottom beating session that left the poor guy with an arse so red that you could burn your morning toast on it.

I have to mention the fantastic scene in “Harsh treatment” where Mistress Nikki uses a outdoor sparkler to torment a slave attached to her wall. Its an excellent bit of theater and prepares him for impending cock caning which judging by his noise strangely he did not enjoy that much. As well as the more harder punishment scenes there are clips dealing with smother, humiliation, wrestling, trampling and naturally penile electrocution!

I found Mistress Nikki’s films to be full of action with great dialogue and many imaginative punishments which kept me watching until the very end. I may well have some very pleasant nightmares tonight, thank you Mistress Nikki.

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