Madam Divine

Madam Divine with a whip

1. Tell me about your background.

My name is Madam Divine, I am an English born Black Professional Dominatrix. I am well educated, intelligent, sharp witted and have a great eye for detail, a wicked sense of humour and a very profound and genuine sadistic streak.

2. When did You first realise you were into kink?

At school! I discovered I enjoyed tormenting and torturing boys way back then and was intoxicated by the power I could exercise over them by a mixture of feminine guile and My physical strength.

3. How long a pro-domme and how got started?

I have been a professional Dominatrix for well over 10 years now. I started My professional career working as a Mistress in a Dungeon in Bristol but soon became frustrated by the limitations of working for someone else so set up My own studio. A few years ago I relocated to Germany and at that time I began to specialise in on-line Financial Domination which remains My main interest although I still occasionally conduct real time sessions. I have been positively featured in many publications including the sadly defunct Forum magazine and the Sunday Times

4. How do You prefer subs/slaves to address You?

Madam Divine and Madam Divine only! This is something I am really strict about both when slaves write to Me and when they are in My physical presence. It amazes Me as well as confounds Me as to why so many slaves seem to find this so difficult and many a slave has been severely punished for lapsing into ‘Mistress’ or some other incorrect form of address.

5. Are you a sensual or sadistic Mistress?

A. I find that distinction too broad. I can be very sadistic indeed but that does not mean I do not have a sensual side too. I like to play with all aspects of My personality and as I am a complex and sophisticated individual My play, both real time and on-line, reflects that. On balance though I do tend towards the ‘sadistic’ end of the spectrum, especially when armed with a cane!

6. Where are You based?

These days, everywhere! As I have said, I am now operate primarily on-line and when I do session with a slave it is usually one I have developed an on-line relationship with first, although there have been exceptions to that. I am currently based in Berlin.

7. What activities do You enjoy and which are Your favourites?

My favourite activity is total power exchange through the medium of Financial Domination and control. I enjoy the whole spectrum of activities associated with on-line Financial Domination from a simple one-off tribute to a complex, long term scenario of deep control and psychological torment. I have discovered that I can exercise more power and control over a slave by developing an ongoing on-line relationship than I ever could in a real time session.

8. Favourite implement?

I am highly skilled, frighteningly accurate and wickedly proficient with a cane. Many a time a bound slave whom has considered himself experienced at receiving cp has been surprised, to say the least, to be told what he considered was a severe caning was merely the warm up.

9. What is Your speciality?

My speciality is taking complete control of a slave, body, heart, soul, mind and wallet. I am highly skilled at engaging with slaves. I have a deep understanding of the psychology behind Financial Domination and I put a great deal of time and energy into creating exciting, edgy and meaningful relationships with My slaves. I describe what I offer as being a ‘roller coaster ride of thrills and spills’ and I have many testimonials that bear out that is exactly what I provide.

10. What has been Your favourite session so far?

Rather than identify a single session, without doubt My favourite experiences have been those long term (6 months or more) on-line Financial Domination scenarios where I have got to know a slave really well, met him for real time sessions, and have been able to have a real impact on how he lives his day to day life. I have slaves whom have been serving Me for years and I truly enjoy the rapport and mutual understanding such long term experiences bring.

11. Do you use safe words or prefer to work without them?

In real time sessions, if a slave needs a safe word I will allow one, but prefer to work without them as I feel I can judge when enough is enough better than the slave and I enjoy pushing limits. In on-line play there is always a safe-word. By that I mean if a slave contracts to pay Me so much over, say, a six month period, I realise circumstances may change so I always provide a ‘buy out’ option. It may be expensive but the slave voluntarily signs up to it and it provides a safety net for him.

12. What separates a good slave from a bad one?

Manners, respect and obedience! In the world of Financial Domination there are a huge number of time-wasters and they are the worse kind of ‘slaves’ although they do not merit that title! I am also frustrated by slaves whom are always complaining or making excuses. Another annoying type is one whom when either drunk or sexually excited signs up to something extreme and the next morning totally regrets it and then wants to wriggle out of it. A good slave is one whom knows what he wants, understands whom and what I am and whom genuinely wants to go on the exciting journey of power exchange with Me which will also be a journey of self discovery for him. Interacting with a good slave really is a pleasure and enjoyment for Me and I am more than happy to give such slaves My full attention. Having good slaves is why I am a professional Dominatrix.

13. How much control do You have over Your slaves lives? Do You micro manage them and their time?

From what I have told you already, obviously I thoroughly enjoy having real and meaningful power over a slave. However, and I think this is really important, it is control on MY terms, not theirs! Many if not most slaves try to ‘top from the bottom’ saying subtly or blatantly ‘do this to me’. I do not play that game! A slave may ask Me to micromanage every minute of his life but really? I have My own life to live and I am not going to spend every minute of My day checking up on what a slave is doing. Having said that I control and influence a slave in such a way that he will be aware of My presence in his life constantly. Sometimes less is more and the use of uncertainty and surprise are great psychological tools. I often say to my slaves – there is only one way to do this – My way!

14. Do You have a website, tell me about it?

Yes, of course! It may be found HERE. What is there to say apart from go see!

15. How do slaves contact You and what is the proper protocol?

That is an easy one. Visit My website and carefully follow the instructions to be found there for contacting Me. And to those reading this, don’t be shy and I hope to hear from you soon! I am kept busy but usually have the capacity to take on new slaves.