Mistress Tia

My name is Mistress Tia, and I am a classically trained Domina and Practitioner of Female Dominance. Holding private and real time sessions in the Derbyshire and London area. I have been a Dominatrix for 12 years now, and I ran a very successful website which I produces films of the highest quality for, that website ran for 10 years until I took a break and went travelling. I am now currently working on a brand new website of even better quality which will be launched soon.

How did you get started as a professional dominatrix?

I got started as a Pro Domme by working for Cruella, which was really the leader of such websites in its day. working for Cruella really gave Me the knowledge and power to set up on My own.

How do you prefer sub/slaves to address you?

subs and slaves must address Me correctly at all times. By either Mistress Tia, Mistress, Goddess Tia or Goddess.

Do you see yourself as sensual or sadistic Mistress?

I am a sadistic Mistress, who also likes to explore the sensual side at times.

Where do your sessions take place?

My sessions take place in Derbyshire in both a domestic setting and a dungeon setting. My London sessions are held mostly in a dungeon setting, but sometimes in a domestic setting also.

What activities do you enjoy? And which are your favorites?

I enjoy all of the practices I offer, if I had to choose favorites then they would have to be humiliation, CP, CBT and roll play sessions.

Do you have a favorite implement to punish with?

A couple of My favorite implements to use in sessions are my beautiful wooden handled carriage whip, my bull whip, My spiked heels and My sounds.

What was your first experience of dominating a male?

My first experience of Dominating males was at school, when I first realized I had power over men, I could make them do as I pleased.

Do you work with other Dommes in double/triple domination scenes?

I do double sessions in the Derbyshire area with the wonderful Mistress Vixen. I also hold double sessions and filming in London with Goddess Maya Liyer.

What can a client expect from you in his first visit?

A first time client can expect to have his hard limits discussed, and also a few health questions before the session starts/is booked. he will then have the opportunity to tell Me some things he would like in the session. he will be told how to pay the deposit, and told of the tributes.

What is your specialty?

My specialty would be the sadistic side of the BDSM scene.

What has been your favorite session so far? And most unusual request you had?

My favorite session so far is a kidnap I did with Mistress Katy years ago, it was filmed and just turned out to be a great movie as well. The most unusual request I have ever had I guess would be a marriage proposal from a slave I had never met, and also a castration request, I understand that this is a common fantasy, but surely its obvious that it could never work in reality?

Do you use safe words or prefer to work without them?

Yes I feel one must use a safe word, as this is not just for the slave, a Mistress need to know if her slave is unwell or even critically ill at any stage in the session.

What separates a good client/slave from a bad one?

Ok so obviously there are the time waster and let downs. But also there are people who are not real slaves and address you wrongly such as “babe” and such like, and also those who want to have massive long telephone call without ever booking a session, as this is there way of getting a free ride. I’m sure many a Dominatrix would agree with me here.

Does BDSM extend into your personal relationships?

Yes BDSM dose certainly dose extend into My personal relationships.

What is proper slave protocol for someone about to contact you and/or sessioning with you?

My protocol is to either email or call Me, address Me correctly and when applying for sessions via email do outline your preferences and hard limits, also your preferred date and time (if you have one) If applying via phone call, Then do respect that I am a very busy Lady, but I will get back to you in due course.

Mistress Tia – mistresstia.mt@gmail.com

Telephone: 07756595569

Twitter: @Mistress_Tia1

Clips: http://www.clips4sale.com/store/45145