Mistress Rouge

Mistress Rouge

Authentic Creative Femdom Artisan Traditional Mistress

I consider myself a Traditional Mistress and cater for the old school nature of sessions. Having engaged in 15 years of experience I feel totally comfortable with going back to the future and to where I very first began now I have experienced it all.

It to my knowledge and understanding the brilliance of venturing into the unknown that is usually where the magic lies by stepping out of comfort zones embracing exploration at the deepest darkest core of resilience and psyche. Your unease and discomfort creates a calming within me with a natural desire that is graced with genuine enthusiasm and unique orchestrated authenticity.

I expect my subjects to follow orders without opinion or comment especially regarding testing scenarios where a safe word is never graced regardless of conditioning previous training or pain threshold. I desire full control and I feel a safeword detracts from the power exchange and dilutes the dynamic. I consider myself an emotional sadist gripping onto the liberty of your despair to sate and quench my ever insatiable desires while you respectfully and completely subjugate yourself into whatever I choose you to be within our experience.

I also admire service and consider it a high priority high-protocol training and the correct etiquette at all times regardless of activity location or situation. You will adhere to my rules and challenges and I will inform you what I expect of you in a clear and concise manner I expect order amongst my chaos.

Creative Artisan of Fetishistic Sadism an ever evolving whirlwind of naturally intuitive creativity regarding BDSM/S&M/Fetishes/Kinks

After 15 years of discovery experimentation professional and none professional exploration now I have finally reached the realm of knowledge and wisdom with an inner competence and confidence that I wish to utilize for my future projects/vision and new opportunities with integrity and truth.

Location: Birmingham, UK

Website: maamrouge.com