The Garden Party

Mistress Tess is hosting a garden party on Sunday 28th August.

The guest consist of a number of vanilla ladies wishing to be exposed to the service, training and abuse of males for the purpose of entertainment. The event specifically designed to show these friends the BDSM world Mistress Tess resides in. Its been called “Corrupting the vanillas” and its been scheduled for Sunday 28th August between 3pm-6pm.

The event will be hosted on a secret location with 1 acre of land and will feature BBQ, Buffet, Jacuzzi for the ladies, Kinky Cabin featuring dungeon style equipment, toilet boxes, sloshing tower and thistles pit. A marquee will be erected for shelter should the weather be undesirable and a slave car wash for all the ladies vehicles.

The tribute required for the 3 hours will be £300 per person, with a £150 deposit required on acceptance of application. For more information and booking please refer to: