I am a cruel yet kind, BBW British Domme with ten years experience spanking bottoms in Blackpool, Vienna and London. After retiring from kink due to My career as a performer, I realized that BDSM is part of who I am – and so I am back with a bang!

I am highly educated with a Masters degree in Fine Arts, as well as an accomplished DJ, singer and performance artist in my other guise of Holestar. When unwinding from my busy schedule I adore having female, male, sissy or trans-gender submissives and kinky couples of all persuasions to play with and prefer ongoing friendship and mutual exploration over time than one off meetings.

I do not feel the need to declare ‘I am the ultimate Domme’ to advertise myself. I am more than confident in My skills and My passion for BDSM is such that Domination comes naturally to me. I was fiercely independent from a young age – during kiss chase I would turn the tables, pin boys to the floor and sit on their chest until they whimpered in submission.

My favorite scenarios include transvestite/sissy/feminisation, anal/pegging/strap-on, sensation play, foot worship, role play, CBT and CP. I’ve a touch of the sadist about Me and adore the twist of a nipple, swish of a flogger or thwack of a crop. I am a strong woman and can deliver anything from a light smack to a hard beating.

I’m a feminist but do not hate men. I just prefer it when they are crawling at My feet. If you are so far in the kink closet you’re in Narnia, I can coax you out in a friendly and controlled manner. Respectful newbies are welcome in My strong hands, together we will explore and push your kinky side.

website: mistaress.com