The Black Widow Spider – Maya Liyer

Stalking spider

Some of you may know I studied art for a little while and had to make the decision to follow my heart or the money. I chose the later and sometimes regret that choice, sometimes not. I think partially the reason I chose the on-line business was that it appealed to my creative side as programming in itself is more logical problem solving (yawns). When I do could across artistic pieces, events and installations it gives me great joy and I remember that other side of me and smile a little inside.

Maya Lyer, otherwise known as Goddess Maya Lyer of London has set out on a number of artistic media projects. This shoot was for Philip Blackely of Kahboom media – an publisher of Art books and on-line media. Aspects of the BDSM scene is closely aligned with the visual and audio arts and the theater of a session as well as the interaction between the dominant and submissive.

Maya Web

In this piece Maya explores the concept of “The Black Widow” spider who famously toys with her pray in her web before devouring it. Think of a lady of intensity with pointed red cat like nails approaching her prey that has wondered into her web, trapped, waiting for the inevitable. I have never been so jealous of a fly. The glorious dominant creature binds her prey up with her web and caresses her, pulling her hair and warming her with lashes from the flogger. (Squeals)

Hair pulling and flogger

I enjoyed all the little details, everything about it. From the plastic representing the webbing hanging from the ceiling to the absolutely gorgeous dress Maya is wearing which covers all the right places. The dress itself has a spiders web feeling to it too. I wonder if the dress designer had that in mind in its creation. Of course the make-up, lighting and camera work all make up all help to bring the role play alive. I am sure these scenes take a lot of thought and planning to put together.

Maya and prey

The development of Maya Liyer projects looks like they will be interesting to watch; something very different, sophisticated and of course deliciously wicked. These are performance pieces really as opposed to filmed sessions and they should be treated as such. Do check out her web site for the next exciting chapter of this innovative work. I know I will be watching… Maya Liyer of London

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  1. Agreed 100% in every aspect. This Goddess is meant to be in front of a camera. The camera adores as well it should. Stunning and stirring and so addictive.

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