Latex in London

Goddess Maya Liyer in another stunning production in which I believe represents the future direction of the industry in the UK. The clip is way more than a promotional film but is a fantastic art project which demonstrates a set of extraordinary creative skills that you don’t see very often.

My first impression of watching the Latex in London clip can be summed up by a single word; “Wow”. There are so many good things I can say about the quality of the production and attention detail in this clip. The special effects overall were very well used. My particular favorites were the use of the lens flare and the hot fire effect under Goddess Maya’s stimulating high heeled shoes.

As I watched more closely, for the second time I noticed more supple uses of funky Jamiroquai style in marrying animation with the music. The feel of the production was like I was watching a video on MTV. You can’t help but admire how sexy Goddess Maya Liyer moves and holds herself with such dominance and presence. The graceful model poses and movement created beautiful lines that were amplified by her delicious shiny latex cat-suit (Meeow). A real delight to watch over and over again.