The Black Widow

Maya Lyer of London is a performance artist that creates erotic scenes and fantasies. You can see from her web site that she has a number of pieces in production. I have always thought certain aspects of BDSM as theatre that rely on a mixture of visual, audio and timely silence to bring a scene to life.  Like any performance all these elements need to be balanced to achieve the very best of results; interaction between the dominant and submissive.

Black Window Spider

Goddess Maya Liyer recently did a photo shoot entitled “The Black Widow” for Philip Blakely of Kahboom media. Philip is a publisher of artistic books and online content. The infamous black widow spider is known to stalk and toy with his prey before lustfully devouring them leaving a mere shell behind – Nature can be so cruel. Think of a lady intensely approaching her prey whose wrapped tightly in her web waiting for the inevitable, after hours of struggling for freedom. With the stealth and sharp red claws of a cat there is no getting away even if you wanted to as her pulls your hair and lashes you with her flogger, creating beautiful patterns on canvas of your skin.

Black Window Spider

Its obvious that this scene took some planning and there was a vision in terms of the set design. I loved the originality of using plastic hanging from the ceiling to represent webbing and the utterly gorgeous dress Maya is wearing that covers all the right places necessary for publication. The dress itself is clearly inspired by the webbing theme which is beautifully balanced against the make-up and lighting. It all looks a lot of fun!

I think its fair to say I’ll be watching how Maya’s media projects develop. They are very different and in my experience, different is good. Take a look for yourself Maya Liyer of London