White Thistle Studios

White Thistle Studios

White thistle studio is an alternative themed venue for hire to Photographers, film-makers, workshops, rehearsal space, event managers and even for alternative gatherings; for example BDSM, Gothic, rock, fetish, skin, ink or cos-play etc. The studio itself is a large private property situated 15 minutes from Glasgow Airport in Renfrewshire, Scotland and looks as beautiful from the outside as inside.

There are a number of different themed rooms available including a fully equipped dungeon, School room, prison cell, stables, pink room and outdoor spaces. In addition there are unusual props,studio lighting and backdrops that can be made available to their customers.

For all you naughty boys and girls out there you can re-live your school days in their themed authentic classroom where each pupil will be assigned their own desk and chair where I suspect stern lessons can be taught.

You can live out your confinement fantasies in their authentic Victorian prison, featuring such equipment as the Crank, the Whipping bench along with a steel ball and chain. Mind not to drag your feet too much in front of your jailer; who ever that may be.

These themed role-play experiences are for adults for any experience level who is looking for a more realistic experience of living a different role for a while. Its a great escape from our modern, consumer driven, technological lives to just to get back to basics and to remind us what is really important to us. There are other set combinations available to explore as well for your projects.

You can book the themed rooms/studios from 1 hour all the way to 7 hours as required. For more details visit there web site for their contact details. http://www.whitethistlestudios.com