Social Media Experiments 

For the past month I have been toying/experimenting with several social media platforms once again in order to increase the directories social foot print. 

A few years ago the site had a huge social foot print where I could open a media account, set up a profile and very occasionally up date it. That methodology worked then but now search engines require both historic and new updates. Google measures social impact of a site by looking at more recent conversations on social media or mentions. Google isn’t just looking at one off mentions either but a thread of messages – active conversations. Thus just posting auto tweets and never engaging is a waste of time. If you don’t make time to engage nowadays then you may as well just close your website. That interactivity is important.

Using social media to support adult functions requires some tact and self imposed rules in terms of any content that is used to promote a Web site. You really have to think about precisely which content is posted to where as what is acceptable on each network slightly differs. I am only posting tasteful model type shots personally on instagram. I’m not here to shock but to promote the beauty of BDSM and female domination. The way to go is to be authentic, tasteful and sophisticated in order to educate the audience as well as entertain.

I currently have active accounts on Twitter, Instagram and to a lesser degree Pinterest and tumblr. Both Twitter and instagram being the most popular I have integrated fully with the directory itself which includes some auto posts as well as manual interaction/engagement.

The tech community love to integrate stuff so when you post stuff it’s sent to multiple social networks. My setup is that I use the Instagram app to post to twitter and tumblr. Then I have updates and hot pics from my server posted to twitter. I also have a WordPress blog posting technical updates as needed. Having a secondary back-up blog is important incase ones Web site goes down for any length of time. It provides the least stressful way to communicate with ones user Base. Updates from that is also fed to a LinkedIn account as it seems appropriate to display that information there.

LinkedIn in for me is directly quite important as it allows me to make connections with those in similar interests across the adult industry as well as the wider world. LinkedIn is like sticking a load of smart people in a room with an endless supply of pizza and beer; ideas flow. If anyone from Google is reading this then they would recognise it from the job interview process though unfortunately without the beer. 

An important point to make about managing your social media is to avoid at all costs any drama that turns into nastiness to others. That sort of behaviour is very damaging to any sort of business and is extremely unprofessional as is any sort of online bullying. When I see such things myself on Twitter especially I take notice who is involved and the aggressivor certainly loses my respect. It’s not just me that are making that judgement but all of your other potential customers and competitors. Everyone on social media is making judgements so becareful what you say and what you do. 

Surprisingly being too active on one particularly social media platform can be damaging too. Imagine spending all day tweeting, that would soon annoy your users as would get tired of seeing you. The objective is to be recognised but not to much where they mute you or worse. In a way being muted is the same as being un-followed; the result is the same.

Getting the balance right of social media is challenging for the best of us. I’m always learning, despite the grey patches of hair. Besides I don’t believe in the concept of an expert as there is always another that knows something you don’t. An expert is a relative and temporary state. People only remain the head of their field by exposing themselves to new ideas. This is what I do as well as surrounding myself with talented and interesting people. You know who you are!