Summer Changes

This week I have started implementing various changes to the Mistress Directory as we move towards a model of maximising visitors to paid ads, sponsors and increasing the use of social media marketing. In order to achieve this certain strategic changes are required:

  1. Retiring the use of free enhanced profiles. A paid option is available.
  2. Introducing a new ad spot on the updates page to become featured.
  3. Introducing discounts for those on the mailing list.
  4. The Integration of Instagram to make a gallery for the directory.
  5. Moving older articles to the ‘archive’.
  6. Removing pictures from many free articles to save resources.
  7. Introducing free Instagram, Pinterest and twitter promotion for those listed in the directory.

    Enhanced free profiles are only worthwhile if the content, particularly the text is totally unique. If however the write-up has been copied from a Dommes Web site or from another source then it’s totally pointless offering this facility as there is no benefit. All search engines hate duplicate content which simply means those without unique content won’t get any visitors.

    On the new listings/updates page I’ve introduced a new ‘featured’ ad spot on animated carousel so to allow a Mistresses link to remain permanently at the top of those on the updates page. This option has been priced at ¬£60 for the year.

    All discounts in future will be published in the current newsletter and are only available to those on the mailing list. I’ve done this for simplicity sake so there is only one location for such time limited offers.

    As you may have noticed there’s a new gallery item on the menu. This displays pictures from the Sinsearch instagram account – A selection of images provided by those who are currently listed in the directory. The instagram account is updated at least once a day. 

    The purpose of these changes are to reduce maintence time and to return to the principal of a directory. So many directories lose sight of what they are in the clammer for more eyeballs. I think in the long run its important to stay true to what you are rather than trying to build a mega hub that doesnt last. We have seen directories come and go, remains.