Time to Abandon your website?

An interesting post on LinkedIn by Michael Durwin (Digital strategy manager) I discovered that talked about the very apparent trend of small businesses not having their own Web site at all but instead setting up pages on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter or a collective/directory of local business pages. The argument for having a dedicated Web site for a small business is not as convincing as it once was.

In the Fetish industry we have been seeing similar trends. I see ladies all the time that have a Twitter presence that links to their adult work or Niteflirt profile. In all honesty this is all the majority needs. The only argument I can see for having a Web site for those starting out is to bring together all these channels in a central location. 

We are in a in-between situation however as their are still many directories and link sites that exist which require a return link from an actual website. I predict a rapid reduction of such sites within the next 4-5 years time since there is simply going to be less Mistresses with Web sites. In a way going full circle when the Internet was first beginning. 

Dominatrices at the moment need Web sites to compete with the existing ladies that have them but the long term trend is away from this situation. However there will always be a need for sites featuring their pay site content, assuming this isn’t eventually outlawed by governments around the world. Who knows.