15th Anniversary of Sin Search 

It’s 15 years since The Sinsearch Mistress Directory first appeared on the scene but many have asked how I got into this business so I thought I’d share my story. However I never kiss and tell so names have been with held to protect the guilty and one or two of the innocent.

My interest in fetish started at secondary school where I started to develop fetishes for anything sharp and pointed; shoes, boots and heels after a girl gang bullied a couple of friends I used to walk to school with. Apparently it started at football practice once and to cut a long story short whenever the girls saw them they would chase them down and bust their balls. However despite my many protests they would only smile at me as they ran past. Later I learned one of them thought I was cute and had a crush on me. The Story of my life.

Roll on several years after uneventful years at university I became fully qualified nerd way before it became cool. Computer stuff is about the only thing I could do really well. I became a database programmer handling millions of records at a time. I was happy for a while but felt restricted as management wasn’t particularly imaginative. When I put my vision of the Internet/cloud systems management and pretty much of the mind set it will never catch on. I knew from that moment they were a bunch of dinosaurs and soon left to do my own thing.

I started out as a Web designer and then into Seo before moving back into programming and databases for online applications once again. It was during this time when I started to do the odd project for the adult workspace and I hooked up with a friend in Dallas who was a Dominatrix and exceptionally attractive but very married unfortunately. We worked together firstly forming a Web Ring project she called “Femme Force” which later lead onto an early directory and magazine site. My friend retired to pursue other interests. I worked with another company and integrated pay per view technology into it on a profit share basis which worked well for a while. I then moved into affiliate marketing in a big way, including fetish dating sites. 

Eventually the Web ring and the directory/magazine was merged together into a single site whose premiss was to simply allow a sub male to find a Mistress quickly without endless searching through Google or other biased search engines. As an obsessively organised person when it came to interface design I was adamant to make my sites not only an easy on the eye but incredibly simple to find stuff and as a database programmer I knew how to do that.

Sin Search has always moved slightly ahead of the times. It’s my job to look at what is coming in the future and keep one step ahead of the pack. I have built several behind the scenes automated tools that has allowed the directory to be integrated into WordPress, Twitter and to a lesser extent, instagram. It’s just what I do sometimes when I have a spare Sunday afternoon; I’m a code fiddler!

As a part of the 15th year anniversary I’m giving 15% of all new advertising orders up to 31st December 2017 when you use the innocent looking keyword of “Football” 😈 😁

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