Big Cartel Review

I have seen recently a few models and Dommes selling calenders and other products through The idea of this type of site is to attract creative people who need a platform to sell their merchandise via an on-line shop experience.

This concept isn’t new but unlike other platforms where creative types just upload their artwork to be applied to a standard set of products, each shop maintains its own stock levels and therefore own products. A similar experience could obviously be achieved by just incorporating shop functions into your own Web site but there are potential problems and extra costs involved there depending upon your existing web site, particularly related to customer confidentiality of their data and security of payment processes from on-line criminals. This is why I generally recommend using a service like big Cartel that already have such systems in place to take care of such complexities.

I have been selling ‘Mother Goose’ shirts for years via another platform after I took a picture of an annoyed Goose that chased me across a farm yard. Thank you Mrs Goose for that and no I wasn’t pecked up the bum on that occasion. However what is different with Big Cartel with the platform I’ve used is that there are more tools available to control how your shop is looks in its design. Unfortunately, these tools come at a price from free (almost no tools) to a eye watering subscription of 30 dollars per month and then you still have to pay costs on each transaction.

The good news is there is a free subscription that allows you to sell up to 5 products without any monthly costs, leaving the 2.7 to 2.9 percent charge by the billing provider (eg, PayPal). Whilst looking into the Big Cartel concept I found a great you tube review from Ecommerce Platforms which does a brilliant job and I’ve included below.

As I said earlier I have noticed models using Big Cartel to sell their wares such as Mistress Eve of London who is operating from to sell assorted items as well as her calendar.

Mistress Eve Calender

As you can see that even with a free account with limited design tools stores can still be made delightful to the eye with a little bit of know how.