Kink D Review

kink D is the latest reincarnation of a BDSM scene dating application available for Android or Apple devices that seems to be gathering some support and the usual critics mainly from certain guys that seem adverse to paying for any such services.


I’ve set up a test account myself on the platform and haven’t found any errors or software crashes reported via the Google Play store comments. Actually, it seems a very well put together application that does exactly that it needs to in terms enabling two or more sets of people to meet each other.

There seems to be a lot of negative comments from guys complaining about guys having to pay to initiate messenging where as ladies do not have to. That statement is actually untrue as guys can initiate contact if both parties actually match. What Kink D seems to do is cut down on random guys mailing random ladies without any thought. I think it’s a really good strategy of dealing with the problems many ladies have on such sites of being swamped by guys that are nothing like the people they are looking for. As a long time supporter of the community I think the people behind the software have the right balance.

What some male customers need to realize, no service can operate on a charity basis. Dating applications only exist to make money, they don’t exist to allow horny guys to get off for free because they are all lovely people that want to give something back to ‘mankind’. Free sites, those that make no profit never last very long as they have escalating bills to pay and developers have to feed themselves too. If I asked 100 guys if they would be happy to work their guts out 24/7 for the next 10 years without taking a salary. How many would say yes? Not one as they have bills to pay too. Everyone does.

Mistress Directories tend to exist for two reasons; either entirely as a commercial venture or a way for the Web guy to meet ladies whether dominant or submissive.

I do think we need a decent kink related dating site that simply does the job of allowing two sets of people to meet unlike other sites such as Fetlife whose aim seems to be a more social platform that additionally provides access to adult content via its pay wall (subscription service). I have seen it too many times sites offering too much variety, losing focus from their original objective for their Web site. It’s easily done as a site grows over the years but I do hope Kink D as it improves never loses sight of it’s original purpose. Good luck to them I say.