Escort Terminology

One oddity came to light recently in how some ladies may use the word ‘Escort’ (or its variants) to advertise their female domination services. They use the phase that they go on outings with their clients. Whilst that may sound fair and acceptable in that context, in the wider community using words like escort sends out a mixed message and in society is interchangeable in the selling of sexual services. Additionally it brings up legal issues in light of the US FOSTA Bill which we are all tackling at the moment.

I’m told in different languages the term ‘escort’ is more acceptable but since the directory is in English then it’s written from a UK/Us prospective where ‘escort’ obviously means something different and is not entirely compatible our listing criteria.

Earlier in the year, we deliberately removed any listings that made reference to escorts in preparation for the digital economies Bill in the UK in order to reduce our risks. So, sites that make use of the term escort in their URL or text within the site we are unable to provide a return link to any more. I would encourage those Professional dominants that use such terminology to remove it from their web sites so there is no confusion with the wider population especially if you have bought hosting from the united states.