FOSTA Policy Changes

In light of the changes in US law with reference to FOSTA and fourth coming changes to publishing rules in the UK there are certain changes to procedures the directory must implement to protect the integrity of the website for the future.

US Listings

A) We have no plans at all to delete our US directory section as other web sites have done. However there are some changes we have to make to US based listings. The new bill concentrates user generated content and so we have removed all user-submitted “Long Descriptions” used on profiles for US based Mistresses. As a result the “Long Description” element has become an optional requirement for all future listings requests.

B) We cannot accept paid posts or otherwise to out news section from the US that we haven’t written, edited and published ourselves.

Pictures and Graphics

Picture and Banners can no longer show nudity, penile like objects including sex toys or third parties such as subs. We are censoring all visuals across the site and as such a Picture is no longer a mandatory requirement to get a free listing.

Social Media

A) We have changed how we operate on Twitter as we have to very selective in what images are posted and Re-tweeted in order stay within the rules. We can’t re-tweet any material that could put our account in danger.

B) We can’t engage in any paid tweet activities since that is clearly against the Terms and conditions of Twitter and has been for a very long time.

C) Instagram posts are to be more selective and only high quality model like images will posted of new listings. Again, we can’t engage in paid posts on Instagram since its in violation of its terms and conditions.

D) We have set-up an account on as backup to twitter. If you care to follow us: @Sinsearch and all current new tweets on Twitter are posted there as well.

Payment Methods

In order to pay for advertising it should be done by On-line Banking, Bank Transfer or International Wires.

Please note wires outside of the EU attract an additional fee of $20. Cash payments from Western union will be accepted for the time being and other forms of transaction by private arrangement only.