Social Media Guidelines

This week we have seen further tightening of the rules across the big three social network platforms; Twitter, Facebook and Instagram in direct reaction to the new US FOSTA law that is continuing to reshape the Internet and how we interact on it.

Facebook has recently updated its terms and conditions prohibits the coordination of adult sexual services or engaging in solicitation of them. You can not no longer discuss rates, pass over contact information with escort related images or paid domination service as well as seeking sexual fetish partners. These rule changes prevent such discussions whether in public timelines, in groups or even in private personal messages. Face book is shutting the door permanently on all those in the adult world and grouping professional domination services into the same group as more generalised escorting.

Instagram as also taken a stricter stance recently and will be coming down hard on those that flout the rules. Basically you cannot post any images that shows any sort of nudity even exposed buttocks cheeks. Doing so could see either your content deleted or your account shut down.

Twitter itself has delivered a major offensive of there own this week targeting adult themed and Retweet/spam accounts for immediate suspension. It’s been shadow banning accounts for quite a while but it seems to me that the platform is beginning to ratchet up the pressure on those in the adult industry that use their timelines to promote their wares.

The part that refers to creating legal exposure is the part that is directly related to FOSTA and likely means content posted in the time that promotes the arranging of sessions or dates where there is a financial transaction will be longer be permissible on the platform. Twitters language however seems to be deliberately vague which essentially gives them the right to delete your account for any reason, even saying something confrontational or even expressing your discontent with your government representative could be included.

Twitters new guidelines are far more scary and over reaching than Facebook and Instagram as at least they say exactly what you can’t do anymore.

Some have suggested that this is the beginning of a longer campaign by Twitter to get rid of adult workers off the platform. I don’t think it is but it will see many abandoning Twitter as they will no longer be able to promote their businesses without risk of sudden deletion.

Those in the adult business need to dramatically change how they use social media. Each network has its strengths but very different strategies are required for each of them to stay within the rules and to continue to promote your business. Understanding this is key to financial survival for all adult related businesses.