Twitter Alternative

In light of the SESTA bill that’s hit the social networks in a big way and has been responsible for an array of websites closing it’s platforms to Adult workers everyone seems to be looking for alternatives to replace the way they market now.

One such solution that has come to light is Switter which is an Australian based Twitter Alternative that is sex worker friendly. The concept is very much like Twitter in his concept except it has a distant difference whereby it uses open source software that allows anyone to set up their own instance or group which then links to other groups out there. This means for example you can set up a BDSM group where you can ensure only those interested in the topic is exposed to such content.

The problem lays of course that such a concept is less likely to attract new foot fall or those just discovering what like and don’t like. I think though, the reality of this business is that Adult workers will be pushed off mainstream platforms that were originally designed for vanilla content into their own tight nit communities. Advertising for free is going to be much harder as a result and the number of sites that offer paid advertising is likely to decrease too.

I’ve been testing Switter for a few days and functionality wise everything works fine and the interface is pretty self explanatory with a slight change in terminology; you Toot rather than tweeting.

There is a fundamental issue that concerns me however in that Switter is currently hosted by CloudFlare which is an US company and therefore will be subject to the same Bill that is making other social networks close their doors to Adult workers. So, for me personally until they have moved their hosting outside the jurisdiction of the United States then it’s not really the solution quite yet everyone was hoping for.

After being in touch with Switter itself they have informed me their hosts are in Australia though they use cloudflare’s optimised global content delivery solution to speed up the user experience and to protect their host from Dos style like attacks. Additionally they said they are looking for alternative none US equivalent. So, actually at least the people at Switter are working on the problem though as of today the issue still exists.

A lot people from the Fetish community needs to join Switter in order to be a true alternative to Twitter. The numbers on my followers list are about only 10% male consumers where 90% are producers. That number really needs to flip over before it becomes worthwhile promoting on there since there is hardly anyone to actually re-toot to other than other Mistresses and sex workers.

I do feel with only just 20k global users on the instance despite the recent marketing that FOSTA has bought about that current growth is a little disappointing but that only reflects human nature really of not wanting to install an additional application specifically to keep track of their favourite professional Lady. To be a replacement, an aid to sex workers and important to their customers Switter needs to be attracting millions of people globally.

I think Switter needs to be given a fair crack of the Whip as it’s a relatively new entity that was quickly launched in light of the recent chaos bought about by the changes in US law. It is much too early to judge it’s future success on current data as none of us can predict the future but I am not expecting the platform not to grow as fast as it needs to do and still remain free for all.