Changes Ahead – The future

The war that is going on with various governments and the adult industry it’s always important to be flexible and forward thinking in what ever we do. We have to be prepared to change with the times and evolve.

The changes with FOSTA in the united states and other further regulation in other parts of the world will change the landscape of the adult industry and will indeed result in more causalities and greater hardships for smaller service providers. Many of your favorite web sites may disappear or at least change to tone down the content to be more socially acceptable to the vanilla world.

The UK government are already putting plans in place to force adult web sites to be put behind a age check wall which is likely to cost the website owner a monthly subscription based on the number of visitors they get. So, customers will end up paying more for their adult stimulation in its many forms. Free sites are likely to cease to exist as the cost of having age check software makes such sites a huge loss making prospect even when supported by affiliate banner advertising.

Social networks will be increasing under pressure to shut down accounts promoting those selling sessions or posting adult content. Cam operators will find themselves further marginalized and social networks may well put policies in place where their platforms cannot be used to promote real time meetings or face having their businesses blocked by the national firewall – which already exists and is currently used to block sites that threaten national security.

It’s going to be more difficult for many ladies to operate.  Those that survive will be ones that operate as a true business with a marketing budget which represents a percentage of their income and their own website. The age of free marketing for adult workers is fast coming to an end. All service providers need to start making their own plans.

Sin Search however is big enough to roll with the punches and make the appropriate changes to ensure its not adversely effected. We have been in operation for 17 years and will be around for at least another decade. As apart of the changes we have introduced BitCoin as a new payment method for advertisers for those that have difficulty paying using more traditional ways.

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