Privacy is important


This week has seen a major change to the site as we decided it was time to install our own SSL certificate in light of policy changes by governments towards the adult industry around the world. Web sites that start with http are technically not secure and can be monitored by third parties more easily. They can potentially see what page you were on and what you were reading using a method that is often referred to as sniffing which is a way of tapping a network connection. Sites that start with https however have encrypted secure connections which means that third parties cannot read the contents of the pages. They only can see that a person has visited a certain domain name at a certain time on a particular date.

Google itself has been encouraging site owners to update their servers to use a secure socket layer (SSL) and are starting to punish those sites without through its Chrome browser by reporting a site as insecure when in reality sites that don’t begin with https are only potentially insecure. Google has taken upon itself to punish none secure sites further over time by completely blocking none secure sites with worrying messages to uses that they only currently use for sites that they have identified as being actually dangerous. At the moment on the Chrome browser it marks the site with a grey icon with an insecure symbol. These are set to change to a red danger icon in future updates which is obviously designed to discourage surfers to not visit those sites.

I would advise anyone that don’t have a website address starting with https to get one to both secure your website for your visitors and ensure that browsers don’t beginning to unfairly punish you. To to this you will need to contact your host and purchase your own secure certificate. Some hosts packages may already come with an SSL option and so you should check that out before attempting to buy another one. My host package didn’t come with one and I paid a set-up fee of $49 and there’s a rolling monthly charge of $2 a month which is for the static IP address that is required in order to install the certificate.

Note: For your information SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer and it means is that it uses an extra piece of software to encrypt data so it cannot be easily intercepted by bad people!