Mistress Directory Genocide

I heard some concerns from Mistresses that directories are shutting down all over the place and from my research this week that seems to be true. Since the changes in the US with regards to FOSTA directory shut down has reached epidemic proportions, leaving less places for Dominatrices to advertise and promote their own websites.

I am privy to some visitor statistics from Dominatrix sites that have shown a marked reduction in traffic. Even if a directory site doesn’t send lots of direct traffic having a link on it often pushes more organic search engine visitors as result of having an industry specific return link.

The sites that have totally disappeared are:

  • mzlisas-domina-guide.com
  • pandemos.net
  • domme-list.com
  • SilverCage.com
  • pro-district.com
  • domme.com
  • domina.fm
  • femdomrule.com
  • ukfemdom.com
  • femdomutopia.com
  • femdombasestation.com
  • erotikkontakte.de
  • femdomdirectory.com

Then there are the sites that are technically online but are broken or looking abandoned such as bellaslist.com which appears to be fine until an going link is clicked – creating an internal server error. This pretty much means it’s generating no visitors for any of those listed and can be considered dormant.

A site I used to like was thefetishhound.com which again looks abandoned. It’s absolutely full of dead links and redirects which only frustrate any visitors elsewhere. The site hasn’t been updated since March 2018 so you probably could assume this directory maybe heading towards directory death as well. I hope not but it’s vitals don’t seem good.

All star Femdoms (allstarfemdoms.com) is still up but unfortunately it’s root page is a blank page which is always going to restrict search engine traffic. I’m uncertain however if the site is abandoned or not. As it based in the united states then I would think it’s doubtful it’s still alive.

Some of the surviving directories such as dungeonnet.com have turned to a paid listing only model. A paid listing is $5/month. It’s quite possible other free directories may follow this business model. UK Adult Zone has done something similar in the fact you have to have a VIP listing in order to add a website address to a profile listing. Remember not so long ago a basic listing like this would had been free.

Finally there are unhelpful sites like ‘red hot directory’ which almost gave my malware software a panic attack and blocked access to it. Any sites that has malware alerts shouldn’t be linked to not just to protect your potential customers but to protect your websites Google rank. Linking to sites that contain malware is bad news for everyone.

I can’t imagine this situation with directories are going to get better any time soon. In fact I can see it getting worse for a while as providing a free listing model becomes increasingly more risky and restrictive. These free sites maintained themselves previously as suddenly gotten potentially too expensive and took the appropriate business decision. Its a sensible choice for many and I really cannot blame them.

Do Mistresses need directory web sites? Of course they do as they have drive visitors to their websites for decades. Some say, they can just use Twitter or Instagram but fail to understand how to promote their business in vanilla media channels resulting in multiple account closures. Additionally, relying on vanilla social media would be a mistake as laws and policies will only push adult themed pictorial content off these networks into ever restrictive niche networks like Switter. You need to be able to use both vanilla and niche networks together in different ways to avoid account lose.

Its not all doom and gloom as whenever there is change there is innovation as people come up with new solutions to these and many more problems.