Stealth Unlinkers

No one likes cheats. ‘Stealth Unlinkers’ are one of the worst kind of cheats for directory owners. They are characterised as people that seemingly put up a links page in good faith in order to gain incoming links and then in a few months time remove the links page. Those based in the united states have a good reason to remove there links page since FOSTA creates a grey area of uncertainty as no one wants to be left open to possible legal consequences. However, those that are situated outside the US have absolutely no reason to do this other than to gain an unfair advantage over their competitors.

Such activities not only adversely affects the integrity of all directories but also all those listed within it as traffic that could had gone to those that play by the rules is leaked elsewhere. I am totally about giving everyone a fair crack of the whip. Those that don’t play by the rules however, are not only cheating the directories but your business too. Whatever directory you happen to be looking at, if you spot sites not linking back report them to the site owner and your traffic will increase.

With ongoing changes on social media restricting content promotion and new laws around the world making increasingly difficult to use adult orientated content without restriction then sites are going to need directories. However, over the past year so many of them have closed there doors or have moved to a paid only business model. So, building positive relationships with those sites that survive the carnage will be key to your success as well as theirs.