Tumblr Bans Adult Content

Tumblr has been pretty much the only safe heaven for unregulated porn. I has always seen it as instagram’s poor and slightly mentally challenged relative. I had a presence on there purely for Seo purposes but haven’t put much time in the platform since adult themed accounts were removed from the search functions.

Yesterday tumblr announced that its had enough of the pornographers on its platform and from the 17th December 2018. So had I said on Sunday changes are ahead on social media making marketing online that little bit harder for those in the domination business.

Tumblr have gone even further however as they banning all forms of nudity and titation changing the complete ethos of their platform. There are several reasons they are doing it; increased pressure from government sources since FOSTA as well as commercial ones from Apple that banned Tumblr from its App store. Apple just like Android do not allow apps in their stores that promote adult content in such a manner.

If you think this is just isolated incident then I can tell you my sources says it not as you can expect further restrictions on platforms such as instagram all these platforms have the same pressures and their policy decisions are influenced by the same events; FOSTA, AgeID UK, and European law ie Article 13.

You wouldn’t be wrong to that there some sort of strategy to clean up and regulate the Internet. There is strong evidence that is exactly what is going on with some evidence of coordination or at best governments jumping on the bandwagon seeing it as an opportunity to bring order to the wild west of the online world. There is a new sherif in town now, several of them all with cattle prods.