Camming on a Mac

I had a interesting problem to solve for a friend of mine recently that wanted Cam for Adult work using a Mac book Pro. Firstly, we tried the video chat web application which was rather buggy, with issues with direct cam as well as not being seen by clients on mobile devices which in today’s world would represent a significant percentage of income. On this website only 35% are still using a laptop/desktop computer when visiting, the majority use mobiles and tablet devices. So, imagine if 65% of your customers can’t see you never mind buy from you – that would be a commercial disaster.

On the adult work site itself it suggests Mac users to use software called “Parallels” which for those that understand; it creates a virtual machine on the Mac where you can install windows upon whilst remaining within the Mac OS environment. On the surface this looks an appealing solution as you can switch between windows 10 and Mac applications as easy as maximizing a window. The big problem however is that even a Mac book Pro standard version with 8 gigabytes of memory isn’t powerful enough to run Mac OS, Windows 10 and JustCamit on top of one another. Even with 16 gigabytes of ram I suspect there would be some issues with the speed of the video feed and will seem sticky and slow. I wouldn’t use a virtual machine for such an high demanding application of Cam. It requires a lot of memory and processing time, something that is always going to be restricted in a virtual machine environment.

Luckily there is another solution that was available; to install windows 10 using a piece of software that should be already installed on Mac OS called “Boot Camp” which is a method to enable a duel boot machine. When you run boot camp, it invites you to partition your hard drive into two regions; one for the original Mac OS system and another for windows 10. Simply, speaking windows 10 is installed on the new region of the disk and if you switch on holding the options key then you have a choice of using Mac OS or windows 10 when restarting. Of course once you are in windows 10 then you can install justcamit as any other native windows computer can. Check out the video below that explains the process in an easy to follow, elegant manner:

Once you have installed windows 10 then download and install Justcamit as you would normally do. The disadvantage of this method is that you cannot use your Mac OS applications whilst you are in windows 10 and likewise you cannot cam whilst you are running Mac OS. So if you are the sort to want to do something else between cam calls then just make sure you do it from the windows software and store you files on a cloud drive that works on both windows 10 and Mac OS such as drop box. With a free basic drop box account you can connect up to 3 devices to it – Since you have two operating systems on you will have two operating systems on a single machine then that will be classed as 2 devices so its enough unless you happen to have more computers, phone or tablets that you have associated with it as well.

Boot camp over all is the best and most sensible solution to the problem of how to Cam for Adultwork on a Mac.