FOSTA Policy Changes

April 8, 2018 Sin 0

In light of the changes in US law with reference to FOSTA there are certain changes the directory must implement in response to the new on-line trading environment.

Switter switter alternative

Twitter Alternative

April 5, 2018 Sin 0

One such solution that has come to light is Switter which is an Australian based Twitter Alternative that is sex worker friendly.

New Studio in Peterborough

February 23, 2018 Sin 0

Mistress Superior (or Miss Dawn) has recently acquired and open her own studio in Peterborough for sessions and to hire out

loose coins

YouTube Revenue

January 26, 2018 Sin 0

As you may be aware content producers make money from running Google Adsense ads


Kink D Review

January 24, 2018 Sin 0

kink D is the latest reincarnation of a BDSM scene dating application available from for Android or Apple devices

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