Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you have banner code I can just copy and paste in?

No. You need to upload the banner to your website and then link it to before sending us your site details for your listing.

Can I not just load the banner from your server?

No. This a form of theft sometimes referred to as “hot-linking” and is regarded as an incredibly disrespectful. If I catch you doing it we will not be friends any more!

I want to add my site but cannot find my country/state listed

If your country/state is not currently listed on the appropriate page then it will be automatically added when your listing is created. The reason it does not exist at the moment is simply because there are no listings for it yet. Add yours!

Are there any minimum requirements for a free listing?

  • You must have your own domain name or sub domain name.
  • Your domain cannot be used for promoting intimate sexual services or prostitution.
  • Your return link should be put in a place it will be seen, be on the same domain name and not appear on an orphaned page.
  • The listing text must be in English
  • Your site must not contain any pop-out/up advertisements of any kind.
  • All pictures used on your site must belong to you.

Can you add my site to more than one section?

A free listing can be added to one location only. To it to more than this attracts a fee of £25 for up to a year. These listings can have an expiry set on them so if you intend to be in a region for more than a week then they can be set to expire on the day you leave.

How do I pay for premium advertising?

You can send payments using a bank transfer, on-line banking, Bitcoin, Moneygram or International wire transfer. Note, international wires attract an extra $15 bank processing fee. Sometimes we accept other payments by special arrangement too.

Do you include promotion on Twitter with free listings?

No. Only paid advertisers benefit from Complimentary Twitter promotion.

I run a website that include a collective of Ladies, will you list them individually?

If the lady has her own sub or full domain name, with their own dedicated links section, unique menu and header then we will. Otherwise we will only do a single exchange with the site as a collective – individual pages won’t be listed separately.

I thought your listings displayed a long description on a separate profile page?

As apart of the ongoing changes, the free profile pages were retired in early 2018. The reason we did it was in response to increased censorship from the authorities. We do however allow a short one line description to be appended to the listing on directory pages.

Do your picture box adverts come with Twitter promotion?

Yes, if you have bought a featured Mistress Ad then you can add a gallery that will be used to promote your website randomly for the duration of your ad.

Will you re-tweet my posts?

Those that have paid advertising I will when I’m on Twitter, see the tweets and they are suitable for a UK audience. I can’t RT content of the tweet if it isn’t UK legal. I do not supply a RT service on Twitter as that is against Twitters terms of service.

How long have you been running Sinsearch?

The Mistress directory was born in early 2002 though prior to that we ran another fetish resource site, a web ring and even a couple of pay sites.

Is Sinsearch secure?

Yes. We use our own SSL certificate for your protection and privacy. If you loaded the site using the insecure URL simply change the http part to https and reload the page.

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