Webmaster Services

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Lets face it, finding a good loyal webslave is hard. In the beginning they are eager to please and may even do a wonderful job. What happens months later when you need to update/change your website and they are no where to be seen. No doubt, they have moved onto another Mistress and they may no longer feel like working for you anymore which is detrimental to your business. Its beyond annoying to be let down but that is what happens with volunteers and your website is just to important to your future earnings for its maintenance to be left to chance. Reliable support is needed to ensure someone is there to answer your email and not disappear into the night.

I have worked in the fetish industry for a little over 17 years and in the commercial world for even longer in numerous guises from websites to full blown software applications. My core skills lay:

  • Web development in various languages (HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL and MariaDB)
  • Online marketing and SEO – I work with another specialist for these tasks.
  • Fetish/Femdom content writing.

If you need in need of an industry friendly web person that is going to be around for the long haul then feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements.

Some Testimonials:

“I have known Craig for 16 years and have advertised there for much of that time. He does what he says when he says. There is no needing to chase him. Not only that but he is friendly and easy to talk to and isn’t after any freebies or perving! He is Just a decent guy with a excellent fetish directory.”

Miss Jessica Wood, Watford, UK

“Craig is a great commutator and ever so friendly and easy to converse with, helping with my websites and any technical advice. If any Dommes need any advice whether technical or not, Craig is the way to go as his depth of knowledge and experience in the industry is outstanding. Thanks for you help Craig.. Lovely Guy”

The Humiliatrix, Spain

“I have worked with, and known, Craig of Sin Search for upwards of a decade at least. I am lucky to have found such a diligent webmaster, and am also glad to call him a friend. He is always well informed, polite, and efficient in all areas; always a high level of quality and most excellent skill in all he offers. His website Sin Search has always attracted great traffic and subsequently has always provided me with good referrals from it. I personally recommend working with him. “

Miss Cameo – Dominatrix & Disciplinarian, UK

“I’ve known Craig for many years and helped me in a number of situations. He’s extremely helpful, kind and genuine. He’s helped me a lot with marketing and website design. I highly recommend him and his directory.”

The Glamazon, London, UK

“I have have been advertising with Sin Search for over 7 yrs now. I have not only gotten a great response to my ads but I have also found them to be very professional to deal with. The professionalism they have exhibited over the years, in my opinion, is truly unique in this industry. They have always been extremely responsive to my questions, handled any issues I’ve had in an expedited and professional manner and were easy to deal with. As a professional domme, in the business for over 28 years, I highly recommend Sin Search and have found them to be second to none for our industry needs”

Mistress Montana, Texas, USA