Massive Yahoo Hack

December 16, 2016 Sin 0

In the united states, the FBI is investigating a massive hack that took place against yahoo in 2013 where over 1 billion user details have […]


Directories in 2017?

December 15, 2016 Sin 0

I’ve seen it said that ‘directories are unnecessary since you can advertise for free on search engines like Google.’ Such statements are really quite misguided […]

1984 surveliance

Investigatory Powers Bill

November 22, 2016 Sin 0

Last Wednesday the first attack on the privacy on every individual in the country was launched by the government. This law means now your UK […]


The Twitter verse

November 14, 2016 Sin 0

Many in the industry use Twitter to promote their adult web sites using Twitter and in the beginning that was fine but has the strength […]

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