Ms Mona Rogers

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Location New York, USA
Twitter msmonarogers
Created 2010-10-04

Witty, sharp, intelligent, flawless. Those are just a few of the adjectives that will come to mind when you first meet Me. I am the epitome of the perfect woman and your seduction will be delivered with unwavering grace and superior class. Whether by experience or woman?s intuition, I possess the uncanny ability to know exactly what men want and how to use it to My advantage. From the moment I lay eyes on you, before you even open your mouth, I have you all figured out and ready to wrap around My slim and delicate finger. I can smell your longing and taste your desire for I am the Master and you are My puppet. From the shadows, pulling your stings, I effortlessly manipulate your will. While you are gazing with wonder at My all-knowing smile, unbeknownst to you, your submission has begun. I am a lifestyle and professionally trained Domina who is well versed in many areas of BDSM. Having played extensively in both NY and LA, My style is a perfect combination of both coasts. I take great pride in My ability to create the ultimate power exchange.