Domina Sara

Site Domina Sara
Location Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, UK
Twitter @dominasara
Updated 2010-12-09

Domina Sara sessions in two dedicated chambers in Milton Keynes and Birmingham. Domina Sara is probably best known for her high level of skill with single tail whips, and her sadistic streak, that said she can also take great pleasure from sending a sub into deep space with a prolonged cathartic flogging or by being pampered and worshipped.

Domina Sara is a true lady! she has classic taste and she has an awareness of her eroticism and uses this powerful tool along with the many others she posesses to control and enamour her submissives.

Domina Sara is not just a professional, she is a lifestyle Domina of some 17 years experience, she is used to administering a wide variety of sensations from delicate right through to harsh, the perfect combination of control, sadism and sensuality.