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Location Bristol, UK
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Created 2016-08-21

I am an accomplished dominatrix of many years? standing, with hands-on experience in the BDSM scenes in the United Kingdom, the United States and Germany. Originally from Australia, I have travelled the world and am now based in Bristol, England. My premises are my own and consist of a purpose-built BDSM studio with industrial suspension facilities, and a dedicated domestic room. My specialties are CBT (my greatest love), CP, bondage and domestic scenarios, and my passions are leather, corsets, boots and heels and hats, rope, and well-designed BDSM equipment. I possess many fine examples of all of these.

Sensuality and eroticism are in the mind and imagination of those who seek them out and crave them. Imagination and desire have for too long been repressed, and liberty can take many forms: releasing the erotic imagination is one of them, and in this I am an agent of liberation.