Goddess Morrigan Hel

Site Goddess Morrigan Hel
Location London, UK
Twitter msmorriganhel
Created 2012-04-16

The ultimate dark Goddess - With flaming auburn locks, eyes of emerald green and an intense gaze that can turn your blood to fire or ice in an instant.

'She dips her talon in your brain and stirs the contents idly, smiles to see your agony, stops to try the taste of pain.

Savouring your essence on those lips - that mouth and you, lost soul in Hel you beg her to begin again to dip, to stir to taste again.

You beg to be her sacrifice, to kiss each nail upon her toes, be that initiate who kneels impaled on her stiletto heels.

Become the acolyte who knows, the secret of the fall of man, the Cult that is the Morrigan' - Slave O