Mistress Ruby Red

Site Mistress Ruby Red
Location Hertfordshire, UK
Twitter @rubyredmistress
Created 2012-11-10

Dominance is all about eroticism and training; once you have found your Mistress and visited Me on a regular basis I will take over your mind and control you without you even realising it and take great pleasure in pushing your limits each time you visit. Taking control over your mind, which is why I personally really enjoy the humiliation and the psychological sessions as well as the CP and Bondage sessions I do.

I don't need to shout to take control over your mind, which makes me a classy Mistress and very erotic with lots of teasing, who has a very wicked sense of humour. I will give you commands and the help of my little finger will make you obey willingly the power of Mistress - it's all in the look of my eyes - look closely at My photos.