Mistress Cornelia

Site Mistress Cornelia
Location Manchester, UK
Twitter ladycornelia2
Created 2016-08-23

Mistress Cornelia is a tall, mature, sensual, busty, blond Mistress in Manchester and a Professional Dominatrix, who is 5ft 8ins tall, has long blond hair, blue/green eyes.

Lady by name and Lady by nature, this Mistress is sophisticated, educated and very experienced in the world of domination, fantasy and desire and she presently dwells in her deluxe Dungeon setting of manipulation and mayhem in Greater Manchester, which comprises of various fantasy high quality rooms, Dungeons and Domestic settings of fun for you to try out your naughty little desires. The rooms are all very well equipped and are specifically designed for pleasure and pain and in no time at all, after you arrive, you?ll be under this Mistresses spell!