Mistress Isobel

Site Mistress Isobel
Location Toronto, Canada
Twitter @isobelherself
Updated 2016-09-11

Come in. Let your eyes adjust to the soft light, leave your normal life with your shoes at the door. You walk behind me up the stairs, following my devastatingly stylish shoes. In my sumptuous room, you strip down and we begin. You're in my world now, and it's a darkly intimate one. You easily follow my lead, pulled by the collar head first into fantasy; intense, raw, and perfect, and as you are bound and blindfolded, you surrender your mind and body over to me. I launch you into the headspace you crave .This scene has been orchestrated just for you. Lose track of where you are and who you are, drop down into submission. Your feeling of satisfaction that can only be gained from this discipline.

What does your desire feel like? When you are in my hands, you are mine - my pet, my slave, my sissy slut, you are my toy to abuse. How does it smell? Is it the smoky musk of leather? The sharp astringent of disinfectant? Or is it the stench of your humiliation?

If you have the focus and dedication to defy convention and give yourself up to a resplendent, highly esteemed, hot bright spark of a woman, apply through my contact form without delay.