Ms Tytania

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Location London, UK
Twitter ms_tytania
Created 2016-09-13

Ms Tytania of London isn?t just another London Dominatrix: she is a true one off. She loves the most unusual fetishes, the niche kinks, and anything that will take her off the trodden path of dungeons and chains. Her tastes are unique. A creative, experimental Mistress who caters for the least trodden fetishes and who is fascinated by the erotic power of the mind. Her reputation as a true artist of her trade precedes her. She also enjoys the more traditional BDSM and Femdom D/s scenarios. Email her with your kinks and dreams.

Established in London since 2002, but a lifestyler for much longer. Ms Tytania is still exploring her own kinks and interests, and would like to help you discover and explore yours. It?s a life time adventure that she loves to share with polite, open minded gentlemen in London.