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Location London, UK
Created 2016-09-12

I am the Governess Xela Xaste, I am an experienced professional and lifestyle Domme in my late 30's. I'm 5ft 10inches in my bare feet so 6ft 3inches in my heels, all ready to tower over your slave-like shoulders. I have a 50?s hourglass figure, fair freckly skin and red/blond hair depending on the week.

There is nothing I like more then taking a fresh new page that is your mind, body and soul and stamping my mark on it, preferably with my 5 inch thigh high boots. Using and abusing you for my pleasure is my speciality, no cruelty too cold, no fantasy too frightening. Give me your deepest darkest desires and I will run all over you with them. This I can do in 121 sessions in the chambers at London Training Academy which offer a dungeon, a school room and a bedroom with full TV wardrobe for all those cute little sissies amongst you.

I also offer 221 sessions with my fellow Dommes here and am resident Domme at the FemDom and spanking switch parties I help run with 2 Kings ? Spanking Parties in London.