Miss Courtney

Site Miss Courtney
Location Manchester, UK
Twitter dominacourtney
Created 2014-09-19

Professional high class Miss Courtney, naturally dominant strict deviant Mistress. She is devilishly demanding, strict and yet so seductive, soft and deliciously manipulative. She has been previously referred to as ?posh totty? though I?m not sure many subs would dare to call her that in her dreamy dungeon of delights that await those fortunate souls who have the balls to embark on such a wondrous journey with their Mistress.

Miss Courtney likes obedience and her slaves worshipping at her feet. Ever since she was old enough to appreciate beauty, she has been using it as well as her intelligence to exploit, abuse and dominate men. She always gets what she wants whether that?s by using gentle persuasion or rather more harsh treatment to enforce compliance. She responds well to those with good manners, respect and the devoted slave that gives undivided attention.

She is a versatile dominatrix with a wide range of interests that would keep even the most deviant minds occupied for quite some time. She caters for novices right through to be more experienced looking for a more intense session.