Mistress Fabula

Site Mistress Fabula
Location London, UK
Twitter theladyfabula
Created 2014-11-05

I am very well-educated, well-spoken, English with a European inclination. I am sophisticated and sensual. And I believe in in showing my wildness as well as my constrained side. I am Fabula. I love to spank and tease and torture, and I am great at medical play, needles, candles, violet wand. Seductive and charming ? you'll want to invite Fabula into your life! To give you that release from yourself; allowing you to feel other pleasures, to relinquish that control over yourself that can be also your burden. I will give you differing sensations and pleasures as I control you for that moment in time. I can be hard, or soft; sensual or brutal; but always to feel ultimately more pleasure that can be felt from experiencing the sensual side of pain, taking you to places you have only dreamt existed: hoped existed. Put yourself in my hands and we can both go there.

Any area of specialty: bdsm, spanking, foot fetish, medical play, needles, violet wand, nipple torture, latex, leather, corsets, stockings, high heels, control