Submissive Charlotte

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Location London, UK
Twitter @subcharlotte
Created 2015-03-11

An aficionado in the fantasy role-playing specialism; a euphoric intensity embodies me in whichever character I am playing and is sorely contagious. I put as much effort as possible in being so divinely delinquent should it be a debonair attitude in a mischievous assistant or a provocative glance from a wicked student.

My base in Central London is a huge advantage for you. The benefit for you being the ease to travel to my Baker Street play room which is also close enough to smell my perfume in Marylebone and Edgeware Road tube stations as well as enjoying the fun and games which The Capital has to offer.

As a nefarious type of girl I am constantly in need of discipline for my perverse actions and as any degenerate would I have a assortment of implements, restraints and other obscene devices to assist you in your attempt to drag me kicking and screaming out of my insolent behaviour.

I make no excuses for the utter filth I engage in nor the coquettish flirting I adopt when it "strokes" my fancy, so if it should please you Sir, why not pay a visit to my notorious self and try your hand at taming Submissive Charlotte.