Dominatrix Lisa

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Location London, UK
Twitter herrin_lisa
Created 2016-08-24

Crawl for me, show yourself. I?ll eat it, I'll eat you. It makes me fly. With me you have found the Mistress who exactly does what your fantasies are, plus? a tiny little bit more. Well, tiny little bit that goes for me. For you however it will be mind-blowing. Customization, that is what I do. You getting hooked on me, by me giving you the experiences of your lifetime. That-is-my-kick.

Are you still just peeking? Or are you scared? Or? did your interest change into arousal? You know, just sleep on it a night or two. And if the interest is still there and you have gathered enough courage to get in touch, then I take over. Then I take YOU over from yourself.