Mistress Denise

Site Mistress Denise
Location Valkenswaard, Netherlands
Twitter meesteresdenise
Created 2016-08-24

I am Mistress Denise, I am a lifestyle Dominatrix at heart.

I experience the adrenaline, which increases during a session, as a sensation. It is delightful to build up the tension and then to release it. For me BDSM is an experience where tension, mutual desire, attraction, repellency, punishment and reward constantly intertwine.

From soft, sensual, challenge you and get you aroused, tickling sessions that make your entire body revolt, to bondage, teasing, torture and making you writhe with pleasure. I enjoy all types of sessions from soft to extremely hard. I will push your boundaries mentally and physically. I will use or abuse you and humiliate you so you will feel like a total loser when you try to find your way back home. Trust, safety and hygiene are always preconditions for me. I respect your limits specified beforehand, but I will always try to push your limits. And if you are new to this exciting world I will be careful with the structure of the session and make you more curious.